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Your World in a Snap!

Identify, connect and engage with things nearby you in a snap!

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The Big Picture...

We live in a hectic world. Our platform solves the modern day challenge of rapidly and easily connecting with the things in the real world that matter most to you. By bridging the gap between the physical and digital world with unprecedented ease, we empower people to connect and engage more readily and successfully with the people, places and things they need and love.

Super Simple..

See, hear or experience something that interests you. Immediately capture a GridSnap and add a voice note to help you remember later what captured your interest. Use your GridSnaps to identify, explore, connect with and share with others whatever it is that interested you at anytime!Stay connected and rapidly engage at any time by creating and bookmarking Grid Cards for the things you care about.

Take a Photo


The most obvious way to capture a GridSnap is to take a photo. When using our camera you can quickly add a voice note to your photo to help you remember details later. Yes, you can also use your iOS camera or any fav camera app you might have.

Tap your watch


Our GridSnap app for your watch allows you to capture GridSnaps and add voice notes with a single tap!

Ask Siri


Effortlessly capture a GridSnap by using a "Hey Siri" special command, even while you are driving!

Identify, Connect & Engage...

Identify, Connect & Engage... GridSnap allows you to capture your interest in the moment, enabling you to identify things that catch your eye in the world, digitally connect with them, and engage with them either then and there, or later when you have the time.

Everthing that is important to you in the palm of your hand.

Most important


Use GridSnap to rapidly connect and stay connected with the people that matter the most in your life, loved ones, friends, colleagues, people you admire, follow or simply need to call on for help once ion a while.

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Got to go...


Create or collect Grid Cards for every great place you experience, as well as the places you plan to visit. Each Grid Card contains all the essential information you need to rapidly engage, share or re-engage with any spot on earth. Make your bucket list!

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All kinds of things...


Connect with things you know and care about, or might want to learn more about. Just about anything that wants to be easy for people to find and rapidly engage with, can be put "On the Grid". Signs & billboards, brands, schools, your fav radio station, homes you like, events even products you love! Check a few examples below.

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GridSnap in Action...

Our Misson

Allow people to engage more often and more deeply with the people, places and things that are most important to them.

Our story...

In 2005 John Reimer started thinking about the idea of using mobile devices, including cell phones with GPS capability, to rapidly identify things in close proximity to them. The basic idea was to build a platform that enabled anything that wanted to be made discoverable, based on its location at a particular date/time, to do so by simply "going on the grid". John worked out the details for building such a platform and filed for a number of basic patents which started to grant in 2010. To date Proximity Grid has over 160 patent claims that have been granted, most of them around the basic idea of using a GridSnap. In 2014 Apple announced the first Apple Watch which John thought might be the perfect device to effortlessly capture a GridSnap and enable his vision. It was at this time that John set out to actually build the platform the had envisioned, but only recently has all the technology required to realize his vision actually become available. The GridSnap app is the worlds first application capable of rapidly identifying over 400 million potential objects of interest in an instant! Grid Snaps can be quickly captured numerous ways, enabling users to find objects of interest around them, stored in a cloud based server. This can be done by taking a photo, tapping the face of their new Apple Watch or even asking Siri to do it using Apples recently released Siri shortcut technology. Proximity Grid is currently working hard with partners and industry leaders to add exciting new categories of things that our users can rapidly identify and connect with, just by being in close proximity to them.

We hope to see you "On the Grid" soon!